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Frequently Asked Questions

Q & A's

Q: How does it Work?

A: Banji Bros has developed an easy process for ordering clones online. 

Just browse our strains and give us a call to arrange delivery.  

Q: How Do I Pay?

A: All of our plants must be paid for in cash upon delivery.  Note: You have the right to turn down a delivery if the plants do not meet your expectations.

Q: Are There Delivery Charges​?

A: There is a small delivery charge of $25

Q: Are my Plants Guaranteed?

A: Yes there is a 48 hour guarantee on all plants after they are delivered. Keep in mind that we will need the dead or wilting plants back in return for replacement plants or a refund.

Q: Do You Ship Plants Out-of-State?

A: Unfortunately NO. Federal and state law prohibits us from shipping marijuana in any form.  We DELIVER plants to residents of California only.


Growing Tip

Q: How Do I Keep My Plants in Vegetative Mode?

A: All of the plants that we offer are in Veg. Meaning: The plants will only flower one time on schedule with lights, or placed outdoors.  You will need to keep the plants in a vegetative state for them to grow larger and prevent flowering. This can be accomplished by putting the plants under light for 16 or more hours in a 24 hr cycle. The larger the plants are, the larger the yield should be.

When the plants reach their optimum size, you should switch to a 12 hours on/12 hours off lighting schedule to flip the plants into flowering stages. During the unlit hours, make sure that NO light reaches the plants. A confused plant with become Hermaphrodite and will start seeding as it goes into survival mode. This will ruin the flower.